A creative square plastic water cup

- Jan 30, 2018-

A creative square plastic cup comprises a cup body, a cup, a cup cover; the cup body and the cup of the port, the cup body material for environmental protection resin, the cup body is a cuboid, the cup and the cup cover is connected with the thread, the cup cover screwed on the cup opening, convenient sealing; the cup cover is a food grade PP cup; the cup body is a double-layer structure, the middle part is hollow in the vacuum, the cup bottom is provided with a filter screen are clamped in the cup body, the cup body is engraved on the level of scale; the utility model adopts the square design structure, breaking the traditional concept of cylindrical design. The cup body is a rectangular structure design, more convenient to carry, and the glass material is not glass, but Tritan environmental protection resin material, safety and environmental protection, because the cup body is used in environmental protection resin resin material, heat temperature of 40 degrees below zero to 100 degrees, so the water The best temperature is below 70 degrees, which will not destroy the material of the environmental resin.