Can the plastic water cup of PC material be filled with water

- Jan 23, 2018-

Can the plastic water cup of PC material be filled with water?

The PC level is divided into 1---7

PC the material itself is non-toxic, it is converted to bisphenol A PC material if the conversion is not complete, so when the temperature is likely to release bisphenol A toxic, can cause cancer. Has been a lot of reports. Our country banned infant food container production in September 1st banned the sale of bisphenol A from June 1st of this year.

Food grade PP will not dissolve harmful substances under normal condition and high temperature.

And ordinary plastics will dissolve harmful substances at normal temperature or high temperature, which will harm the health of the human body.

"07" -- PC and other classes

Common uses: kettles, cups, bottles, and so on

PC is widely used as a material, especially for the manufacture of milk bottles, space cups and so on. It is controversial because it contains bisphenol A. Experts point out that in theory, as long as the bisphenol A is converted to plastic structure 100% in the process of making PC, it is indicated that the product has no bisphenol A, let alone release. However, if a small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into a plastic structure of PC, it may be released into food or drink.

Therefore, when using this plastic container, we must strictly store food according to the instructions, store and sterilize it in the right way, and avoid repeating the aging or damaged PC products.

Bisphenol A residues in PC, the higher the temperature, the faster speed of release. Therefore, hot water should not be filled with PC water bottle. If your kettle is numbered 07, the following methods can reduce the risk: do not heat in use, do not direct in the sun. Wash the kettle without dishwasher and bowl machine. Before the first use, use soda powder and warm water to clean it and dry it naturally at room temperature. If there are any injuries or breakages in the container, it is recommended to stop the use, because the surface of the plastic is easy to hide if there is a fine crater on the surface of the plastic. Avoid the repeated use of ageing plastic utensils.

A cup of low is 7 cups are made of polycarbonate used, namely PC, is used to call a bisphenol A material in the production process of PC material, PC material will be more or less in the presence of bisphenol A monomer, the higher the temperature, the faster speed of release.

General PC plastic cup can be resistant to -30-140 degrees, the physical properties of materials, it is said that this material in this temperature is not cracking and melting, but this is not from the food safety point of view, in the high temperature biphenol A precipitation, is harmful to the body, there is reported that will affect the male sexual function, the use of PC material has been banned in Canada and some western the cups, bottles etc.. It is best not to use a PC glass for hot water during the period of safety, and not to be heated in a microwave oven.

There are also Tupperware Ying series cups, which are colored. This means that during the processing of plastics, the color masterbatch is added, and it is advised that this kind of glass should be used as little as possible.

To integrate the above point of view, buy PC plastic cup to buy colorless, can not be used in hot water.