Give a cup of stainless steel cup cover to your health plus Give a cup of stainless steel cup cover to your health plus a line of defense.a line of defense.

- Jul 07, 2018-

We all know that when the disease comes in, then how can we ensure our health when we drink water?

Among the many cups, the most popular stainless steel cups are non-toxic, crystal clear stainless steel. But this poem reminds you that you should not forget to add a lid to the cup after drinking the stainless steel cup.

A lot of office workers like to use stainless steel cups, but they have very little cover for stainless steel cups, according to the observation. If the stainless steel cup is placed on the side of the computer for a long time, the stainless steel cup will be influenced by the static electricity of the computer, causing the surface of the cup to adsorb some dust, even bacteria and germs. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that if the stainless steel cup used for drinking water, tea or coffee is placed beside the computer, it is best to add a lid to the cup.

According to the medical experts, because the computer we normally use is in the open state, it will form the electrostatic field and adsorb a lot of suspended dust; when the chassis heat dissipate, the dust will go out with the heat, so the computer is especially dirty around the general computer. And the electrostatic adsorption of dust, may contain a variety of viruses, bacteria, once these harmful substances into the drinking water stainless steel cup, it is sure to have a certain health impact.

In order to prevent the disease from entering the mouth, we'd better choose a stainless steel cup cover for the stainless steel cup. If the stainless steel cup lid is difficult to find, it can also be replaced with a double stainless steel cup or a non toxic and tasteless ceramic cup. The double double stainless steel cups and ceramic cups on the market are usually equipped with cups. At the same time, the stainless steel cup should be cleaned in time after drinking water, tea or coffee, so as to avoid the threat of bacteria to the body after a long time without the scale, the tea scale or the coffee stains.

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