How do you choose a healthy cup?

- Apr 22, 2018-

First of all, I would like to say that it is a pity that no professionals are concerned about this problem. Usually in micro-blog, we often see the round table discussion and talk about the big questions like the Hobbit and the classical music, but it is just like this, which is about the quality of life and the safety of the food. As a conscientious non professional, I have carefully read the discussion on the glass material on the foreign website. The website has analyzed the cups of various plastic materials. The evaluation is relatively good is the BPA free cup. However, this material is only "BPA" free, which does not mean that other things are free, in other words, There may still be other harmful things going into the water. So the conclusion of the article is that it is best not to use plastic cups, but to use stainless steel or glass cups. Many foreign brands of plastic cups are sold in China, but we do not take into account our national conditions, that is, many people pour water and drink, so that even relatively safe plastic cups are likely to release toxic substances because of insufficient temperature tolerance. There are also a lot of crafty companies, the cup body can be 100 degrees, but the cup is only a dozen degrees, but who dare to guarantee to shake, water will not touch the cap? What is more annoying is that the cover of some stainless steel cups is also made of plastic. So when buying, we should pay attention to the parameters of all aspects, including the material of the cup cover, the range of temperature. If you buy glass glass, we should see whether the plastic and the material of the perm are qualified. In the end, pay attention to a single layer of stainless steel, glass glass and hot water, which is why I once bought a monolayer stainless steel cup for a demon master, but threw it back from abroad. In general, it is necessary to meet the habits of our Chinese people, but also to exercise and light cups. Now it is really hard to buy. Personal suggestions do not be afraid of heavy, buy a stainless steel cup, is tired on the body, but rest assured.