How to choose a safe and suitable child's cup?

- May 25, 2018-

1. Observe the appearance of the children's water cup

For a group of children of different ages, when we choose the children's water cup, the corresponding appearance should be changed. For the children who have just started learning to drink water, the best choice is to choose a handle, which is to choose a handle, so that it will be helpful for the children to learn from the main water. For children who can use cups alone, in appearance, we can choose children's cups with strings or straps.

2. Observe the material of the children's water cup

When choosing children's water cup, the selection of material for children's water cup is particularly important. What is the material of children's water cup? Many people may say glass material, indeed, glass made of glass can be said to be the safest of all materials, but it is not suitable for children to use because of the fragile and thermal properties of the glass. It is recommended to use tritan plastic because the plastic material is wrestling, wear-resistant and sealed. Strong and so on, it is very suitable for children's groups, and the safety of tritan material is comparable to that of glass.

3. Observe the function of the children's water cup

For the cup of children group, good children's water cup brand will have many standard functions, the most basic sealing leakage performance must be better, otherwise the children may have the risk of scald, protective function, the protection function can prevent the risk of scald caused by the children's multi movement, and of course, and of course