How to clean the newly bought hot cup and how to maintain it

- Jun 11, 2018-

Method 1:

1, put the newly bought thermos into the water, wash it from the inside to the outside, then pour some neutral detergent into the cup, and dip the brush (with the toothbrush) with the cleaning agent to brush the back and forth of the back and forth back and forth several times until it is thought to be clean.

2, the "newly bought heat insulation Cup" will be washed with clean water. In order to prevent the residual detergent from washing several times, you can fill the cup with the water and brush it with the brush. Finally, touch the inside and outside of the cup with the feeling that it is not so lubricated as OK.

3. In the end, the boiled water will be boiled, and (to be careful that it is mainly to reach 100 degrees), it will start pouring into the cup (full) to tighten the rod and wait for the water to fall after 5 hours, and it will be used once again and after the second cleaning.

Method two:

1, pour some hot vinegar into the bottle, cover the lid tightly, shake gently, and place it for half an hour, then rinse with clean water. 

2, add 50 grams of baking soda and a glass of water in the bottle. Cover the lid tightly and shake gently. Then place it for half an hour and rinse with clean water. 

3, break the egg shell into a water bottle, pour a few drops of detergent and proper amount of water, cover it up, shake it up and down, and rinse it with water.

How to maintain the thermos bottle:

1. How to maintain a thermos bottle when used

(1) avoiding falling, bumping or strong impact will cause the deformation of the cup to affect the efficacy of the product.

The insulation switch, cup cover and other accessories are made according to the national standard food grade plastic, in use, do not lose the switch, cup cover, washer and other accessories, so as not to affect the normal use.

(2) avoid any form of direct heating or placing it at high temperature, otherwise it will cause resin deformation and discoloration, which will affect the use efficiency of products.

(3) in the vacuum cup, do not join dry ice, carbonated drink and other high pressure liquid, do not add soy sauce, soup and salt containing liquid to avoid the cup body corrosion.

(4) when cleaning, please use neutral detergent and warm water to wash, do not use alkaline bleach, chemical cleaning cloth and other cleaning agents. After loading the milk and other spoilage beverages, please drink them as soon as possible and wash them to avoid spoilage.

(5) do not act as other uses except heat preservation and cold preservation.

2. when the container is not used for a long time, the liner should be kept dry.

(1) to prevent odors or stains from occurring, clean them after use and make them dry enough.

(2) since the use of impure water will leave a red spot similar to rust. It can be soaked in warm water and diluted vinegar for thirty minutes.

(3) cup cover: do not sterilize high temperature, so as not to deform. After cleaning, the sealing ring should be confirmed to be well installed.