How to distinguish the good or bad of a hot cup

- Jul 07, 2018-

At present, there are many kinds of stainless steel insulation cups sold on the market, and the price difference is very big. For some consumers, they don't understand the principle and often spend a lot of money to buy the products that are very good.

How can I buy a high quality vacuum cup?

First, look at the appearance of the cup.

1. see if the internal seal is tight.

(1). Whether the screw plug and the cup body fit properly. Whether the spin out and spin is free, or whether the water is leaking.

(2) fill a glass of water for four or five minutes or force a few times to verify whether it leaks.

2. see whether the surface of the liner and external gallbladder is uniform and consistent, whether there are bruises and scratch defects.

3. the quality of the plastic parts is poor. Not only will the service life be affected, but also the drinking water will be affected.

4. see whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent, which is related to the feeling of comfort when drinking water.

5. look at the insulation performance. This is the main technical index of the thermos cup. General selection can not be checked in accordance with the standard, but can be filled with hot water and look up, not heat insulation Cup loaded into hot water two minutes after the cup body will be hot, and the lower part of the cup is always cool.

Avoid collision and impact during use, so as not to damage the cup or plastic, resulting in thermal insulation failure or leakage. Tighten the plug when the force should be appropriate, do not overforce rotation, so as not to screw failure. Often, the bladder will change color. This is a normal phenomenon. It can be removed with toothpaste toothbrush.