How to identify common glass and high borosilicate glass cup?

- Mar 15, 2017-

General common glass for the ordinary glass, soda-lime glass, toughened glass, high borosilicate heat-resistant glass.

High borosilicate heat-resistant glass can withstand the instantaneous temperature about 150 ℃, can be served hot and cold drinks are safe.Main technology is handblown, and the semi-automatic assembly line, there are exceptions.

Ordinary glass can withstand the instantaneous temperature of 75 ℃, roughly suggest have a cold drink, water, etc.Mainly process and iron pipe blowing process.

Toughened glass cheng fang liquid is not recommended

In 1931, roma - haas company factory production of poly (methyl methacrylate, has been applied first in the aircraft industry, replaced the celluloid plastic, used as aircraft canopy and the windshield.

If in the production of organic glass to join all kinds of stain, it can be aggregated into colored organic glass;If add fluorescent agent (such as zinc sulfide), can be aggregated into fluorescent organic glass;If add artificial pearl powder (such as alkali lead carbonate), pearl can be obtained from organic glass.

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