How to make children transition from bottle to plastic cup?

- Aug 12, 2018-

When does baby transition from bottle to plastic cup? Why do we choose plastic water cups? First of all, plastic water cups have glass, ceramic cups, these unparalleled anti-breaking, so even if the children can not hold on to the ground is not easy to break, resulting in some accidents, second, plastic cups poor thermal conductivity, not easy to scald. Portability is much better than glass. But mothers must be careful to choose a safe and non-toxic cup on the choice.

Learning to drink a cup is the first step in learning to drink water independently. It can help your baby make the transition from breast milk and bottle feeding to cup and bottle feeding easier. Many parenting experts recommend quitting the bottle as soon as possible, but switching from sucking to drinking is a challenge for babies. In the process, learning to drink a soft spout ensures that fluid flows freely and maintains a certain flow rate, while not harming your baby's soft gums, you can also train. In addition, it reminds you that there are often straw cups on the market that can not ensure safety in disinfection. European infant experts point out that eating straw cups for babies under 12 months can also affect the development of the baby's spine, so mothers must make scientific choices when choosing to drink cups.

The quickest way for babies to learn something is to imitate the behavior of adults, so we can take full advantage of babies'curiosity to "seduce" them to learn to drink from plastic cups. You can deliberately pick up a cup of water in front of your baby and make a delicious expression, the baby will be attracted to you, and then you can let him also try to drin

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