How to remove rust from the thermos cup?

- Aug 19, 2018-

Some of the insulation cups in the host improper use will appear rust phenomenon, but do not worry, even if rust, insulation Cup rust removal method is simple and practical.

Use dilute hydrochloric acid soak for a few minutes to remove rust, and some consumers without dilute hydrochloric acid at home can also use the following methods to remove rust insulation cup.

Soak the cup in vinegar for a few minutes, then wipe it lightly with a clean dishcloth. After wiping, the cup will return to a smooth and shiny surface. This method is practical and practical, suitable for every family.

Also can use disinfectant to rust, rust removal when the disinfectant poured into the cup soak for a few minutes with dishcloth wipe, can also make the cup wall back to the original brightness.

Here's how to remove the tea dirt by the way. When removing the tea dirt, you can apply toothpaste on the inner wall. After a few minutes, you can clean it with a toothbrush. After washing it with water, the tea dirt is removed.

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