Is the grit insulation Cup dirty?

- May 25, 2018-

Before someone asked the grit of the heat insulation Cup dirty, such a problem, in fact, should not be asked, dirty cup washed clean, the question should be grind heat insulation cup is not safe, in fact, as long as the grind cup is no problem, after all, not directly contact with the water, and will not be harmful to the human body. And the problem of the cup safety is directly linked to the material, simply say that when we choose the cup, especially the plastic glass, whether it is grind or not grind, we should try to choose the tritan material.

Will it be good for a sanding cup? The answer is to see how to choose, it is necessary to show that we must choose the glass of the outside abrasive when we choose the grind insulation Cup, that is, the glass outside the cup, and try not to choose the cup inside the cup. The grind cup is better than the ordinary cup. The effect of sliding will also be very good, so when we choose the cup, the choice of the cup is also very good.