Maintenance and maintenance of glass

- Jan 23, 2018-

Maintenance and maintenance of glass

Although the glass is good - looking, it is not easy to keep and must be carefully placed. In fact, in all the cups of material, the glass is the healthiest. Because the glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people with a glass of water or other drinks, do not have to worry about harmful chemicals will drink into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people use a glass of water is the most healthy and safe.

If glass cups are cleaned immediately after each use, if they feel too much trouble, they should be cleaned at least once a day, which can be cleaned before going to bed at night, and then dried. When cleaning the cup, it is not only to clean the cup, but also to the cup.

Double layer glass

Double layer glass

Bottom and cup wall should not be ignored, especially the bottom of the cup, usually not often cleaned, may precipitate a lot of bacteria and dirt. Professor Cai Chun reminded women friends that lipsticks not only contain chemical components, but also easily absorb harmful substances and pathogens in the air. When drinking water, they will bring harmful substances into the body, so the residual lipsticks must be cleaned. It is not enough to wash the cup with water in a simple way. It's better to brush it with a brush. In addition, because the important ingredient of detergent is chemical synthetic agent, the use should be careful, should pay attention to rinse with clean water. If you want to wash with lots of greasy dirt or tea cups, can squeeze the toothpaste on the brush, brush back and forth in the cup. Because there are both detergent and fine friction agent in the toothpaste, it is easy to wipe away the residual material without damaging the cup body.

Remove tea

Many people love to drink tea, but the cup is very difficult to remove dirt, a layer of tea tea long wall, contain cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metals. They are brought into the body when drinking tea, and they are combined with protein, fat and vitamins in the food to produce insoluble precipitates and prevent the absorption of nutrients. At the same time, these oxides will cause pathological changes and dysfunction of the nervous, digestive and urinary hematopoietic system, especially arsenic and cadmium, which can cause cancer and cause fetal malformation and harm to health. The tea drinking habits, often should promptly clean the inner wall of the tea tea. In order to let you no longer for this big headache, the following introduces several methods in addition to the tea:

1. get rid of the metal tea tea separating, using metal tea isolation, because tea has become black, as with a medium cleaning agent is also not wash, can be soaked in vinegar, or with bleach detergent after soaking easily.

2. get rid of the cup or the tea cup, teapot, teapot with a long time, will be composed of a large number of tea, with a sponge dipped in salt can easily remove the friction.

In addition to the 3. piece of tea, the solution can be soaked in bleach or cleaning powder, and placed one night, you can remove the dirt.

4. potatoes to tea, the most simple method is clear: potatoes. The potatoes in the cup, and then into the boiling water, cover, spend 5 to 10 minutes, and then shake up and down several times, it can be one of the dirt removed.

5. can be scrubbed with toothpaste or shredded egg shell, then rinse with clean water.

6. bubbles in diluted acid vinegar can be soaked for 30 minutes, and the gloss will be new. Fine tea, vinegar cloth wipe, fingers reach, use a soft brush dipped in vinegar, salt solution can be mixed into the swab.