New function of stainless steel insulation Cup

- Jul 07, 2018-

Vacuum cups are commonly used daily necessities, there are many types.

These include: plastic thermos cups, stainless steel thermos cups, alloy thermos cups, which are very common.

The main function of the thermos cup is to drink water, and now it extends other functions.

Stainless steel insulation cup has the function of heat preservation and cooling.

Ordinary insulation Cup, heat preservation and cold preservation function is relatively poor.

The effect of vacuum insulation cup is much better. In hot weather, we can use a vacuum cup to load ice water or ice. Let you enjoy the feeling of ice at any time, hot water in winter, so that you can drink hot water at any time.

Stainless steel insulation cups can be customized and easy to operate. Therefore, more and more people now regard stainless steel insulation cups as a gift to friends, customers and promotions. Make your own company information on the cup or cover, or convey some wishes. This custom gift is now accepted by more and more people and is widely used.

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