Plastic cup against

- Jan 13, 2017-

Plastic cups are being used by a large number of material, especially for the manufacture of bottles, space Cup. In recent years, baby bottles containing Bisphenol a, a controversial. Experts pointed out that, in theory, as long as the process of making a plastic cup, Bisphenol a hundred percent into a plastic structure, it means that products without BPA, let alone released. However, if there is a small amount of Bisphenol a is not transformed into a plastic cup plastic structure, you may be released into the food or drink. Residual Bisphenol a in plastic cups, higher temperature, releasing more speed more quickly. Therefore, not PC water bottle filled with hot water. If the container has any broken or damaged, recommended to stop using, because if there are small grooves on the surface of plastic products, hides the bacteria. Avoid repeated use of aging of plastic utensils.