Production process of stainless steel thermos cup

- Sep 16, 2018-

At present, the general production process of stainless steel insulating cup is as follows: shell processing process, inner shell processing process, shell and inner shell assembly process, the following is a more detailed production process.

I. shell processing flow

Outer Pipe Material-Cutting-Bulging-Section-Bulging-Rolling Mid-Angle-Bottom-Reducing-Bottom-Cutting-Stiffening-Flat Upper-Bottom-Blasting-Flat Bottom-Cleaning and Drying-Inspection Knocking-Qualified Shell

2. Inner shell processing flow

Internal pipe collar - cutting tube - flat tube - bulging - rolling angle - flat top mouth - flat bottom mouth - rolling thread - cleaning and drying - Testing hammer hole - butt welding - testing water leakage - drying - qualified inner liner

3. Assembly process of shell and inner shell

Matching cup mouth - weld joint - pressure medium bottom - weld bottom - Inspection weld bottom - medium bottom spot welding getter - vacuum - temperature measurement - electrolysis - polishing - temperature measurement - Inspection and polishing - pressure outer bottom - spray paint - sampling test temperature - Inspection spray paint - Printing - Packaging - finished product storage

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