Sports kettle functionAnd Application

- Sep 16, 2018-

1. moving water purifying kettle with filtering function

Portable water purifier is a new sport kettle in recent two years. Its appearance is similar to the traditional one, but its internal filter function can filter outdoor river water, stream water, tap water and other freshwater into direct drinking water quickly. It is convenient to get safe and comfortable drinking water anytime and anywhere under outdoor sports conditions.

2. ordinary sports kettle

Traditional water tools can only store the drinking water needed for sports.

3. folding sports kettle

Portable folding kettle. When water is dried, the bottle body can be folded without occupying the place.


1. Sports use refers to some more intense sports occasions used in the kettle, such as running, climbing, etc., characterized by more emphasis on the quality of the fastener and sealing function.

Silicone folding water bottle

Silicone folding water bottle

2. Outdoor use refers to the use of hiking, picnics, tourism and other occasions, characterized by a more portable, multi-button form.

3. Student use can be said to be the same as the outdoor kettle, but because it is used by children, there are differences between the design and production of professional kettles, students use sports kettles more convenient and easy to use, for example, can be used to open the lid by rotating rather than plugging.

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