Stainless steel vacuum thermos bottle depends on what the holding time depends on.

- Jun 24, 2018-

In fact, we all know that the stainless steel vacuum bottle is made mainly from the inner and outer double layer stainless steel. The internal bile and the outer shell are combined with the welding technology. The vacuum technology is used to pump the air in the inner layer of the inner liner and the outer shell to achieve the effect of vacuum insulation. And what is the duration of vacuum thermos bottle? The Siyuan cup customer service shared with you the following:

1. The holding time of stainless steel vacuum flask has a great relationship with the refining of stainless steel.

The stainless steel material is based on more than 60% of the iron, adding chromium, nickel, molybdenum and other alloy elements together, through the multi-layer hot rolling process to become the so-called stainless steel material, so in the whole volume of alloy elements will also have the condition of uneven alloy elements, and these uneven conditions will be made of stainless steel materials will have Tiny hairy holes appear, and these tiny pores can not be seen by the naked 2. These fine porous materials can become larger by stretching, and it is possible to have no air leak when vacuum products are made into a product, slowly passing through time, or inadvertently encountered in some outside use. Force, these pores will leak, causing the thermos bottle to keep warm.

3. The material quality of stainless steel also determines the holding time of the thermos. The 304 material is much better for the 201 material.

4. the production process control of the stainless steel vacuum bottle is also determined by the insulation time of the thermos bottle, which depends on how to produce the enterprise culture of the stainless steel vacuum thermos bottle manufacturer. Generally, the manufacturer of the vacuum thermos bottle is much better, such as the vacuum thermos bottle of the Siyuan cup industry.

Four, the size and capacity of the vacuum thermos bottle also determines the length of the heat preservation time. Generally speaking, the larger the mouth, the shorter the heat preservation time, the larger the capacity, the longer the heat preservation time, and the best vacuum insulation time of the small capacity of the mouth. Just like our family used 5 pounds, 8 pounds of glass bottles and thermos flasks, and there was a temperature of about 50 degrees in 24 hours.

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