Teach you whether the glass is leaded

- Jun 11, 2018-

At present, from the material, there are general glass, double double glass and crystal glass. It is divided from function. The popular glass is usually tea cup, wine cup, juice cup, portable portable cup. Next, we will introduce the selection techniques of three different glasses in detail.

1 ordinary glass

Most of the ordinary glass materials are made of high temperature silicon, with high boron heat-resistant glass, with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. As green glass material, glass and glittering and glittering and glittering, feeling and elegant, it is a good companion for tea and healthy drinking water.

1. material quality should be pure: glass quality is impure, and glass drinking utensils will have grain, bubbles or sand. Rough lines can feel the touch, and the fine lines must be seen in light. The bubbles are deep inside the glass and look like small circles from the outside. The operation bubble is relatively exposed, some like the fish eye protruding, slightly piercing will pierce holes; some small scars like fruit are also easy to peel off layer upon layer. "Sand" refers to the white granular silica sand embedded in the glass, and also refers to other granular impurities.

2. thickness should be consistent: when selecting, the drinking utensils should be observed with light. If the light perception is uniform and the whole body is uniform, the thickness is uniform. Viewed from the outside side, the bottom should be horizontal rather than sloping or the bottom of the pot.

3. the appearance should be beautiful: the surface should be smooth; the glossiness of the cup is good; the geometric shape is smooth; the cup lid should not be too loose or too tight, and the shape of the teapot and tea cup should be coordinated.

2 double decker glass

Double decker glass is clear, not hot and easy to clean, without stains and friction. It is a high quality product with environmental protection and practical application.

The biggest advantage of Double Decker is insulation. The two layer is vacuum interlayer, which can protect the water temperature of the cup, and it is not hot.

1. appearance recognition. See whether or not the surface of the inner and outer surfaces are uniformly polished, or whether there are bruises and scratches or burrs; two see whether the weld is smooth and consistent, it is related to the comfort of drinking water; three see if the internal seal is tight, the screw plug and the cup body match; four see the cup, the more round the better, the immature process will appear A situation that is not round.

2. seal test: first twist the cup cap, see the cup cover is not completely consistent with the cup, and then add water in the cup (preferably water), and then the cup is inverted two to three minutes to see if there will be water exudation;

3. thermal insulation test: put water into the cup, over two or three minutes, touch the various parts of the cup, see the heat is not hot, if which part of the heat, then the temperature will lose from that place. A place like a cup of mouth usually has a slight fever, which is normal.

4. capacity testing: first look at the depth of the inner layer of the insulation cup and the height of the outer layer is not quite different (general 18-22mm), many small factories in order to reduce the cost, often in the material aspects of the start may affect the capacity of the cup;

5. double layer glass material stainless steel identification: a wide variety of stainless steel materials, of which 18/8 indicates that this stainless steel material contains 18% chromium, 8% nickel, to meet the standard of the material, in line with the national food grade standard is green environmental protection products, products anti rust, corrosion resistance. Ordinary stainless steel cup (pot) body cup body color is white or dark, if put in the concentration of 1% salt water after 24 hours will produce rust spots, its part of the elements exceed the standard, directly endangers the health of the human body.

3 crystal glass

When using the crystal cup as a wine cup, we can start from identifying the quality of these cups.

1. voice: gently tap or hit the utensils with your fingers. The crystal glass can emit light and brittle metal sound and ripple beautiful sound in the air.

2. feel: gently holding a crystal goblet, you will feel a calm, heavy hand.

3. luster: lift a crystal cup and rotate it to the light. You will find it like a fine arts and crafts, white, clear, and refraction of the charm of the colorful light.

4.The  crystal has a high hardness. Through scientific experiments, the relative hardness of them was measured, and the crystal hardness of Mohs 7 was obtained.

5. The crystal is stable and does not change color for a long time.

6. the physical properties are different. Crystals can mark the glass, but on the contrary they can't.