The cup also needs to be cleaned every day, and the key to the cup is the key

- Jun 17, 2018-

Water is the source of life, in daily life, no one can leave water, drink water, of course, with a cup of water, so the cup has become one of the most important daily necessities of our daily life, and the cup every day with our lips close contact is unavoidable.

Whether the water glass is clean or not is closely related to our health. A small online survey shows that nearly 80% of people believe that they need not be cleaned as long as they are not dirty. However, health experts have warned that the annual moisture of water cups, such as irregular cleaning and disinfection, will become a breeding ground for mold.

The cup also needs to be cleaned every day, and the key to the cup is the key

A lady is a typical office white-collar. She is in the office nine to five every day, because she only drinks water, so she feels his ceramic cup looks clean, so she drops the remaining water from work every day and then pour water for second days.

In fact, many people have the same habit as miss. A minor survey of water cup cleaning showed that 50.2% of the 3849 netizens were unable to clean the water cups daily, and more than 75.5% thought that as long as the cup was not dirty, there was no cleaning. More than 52.8% of the people said that when they cleaned the cup, they simply rinsed the water with clean water; and 8.9% of the people said they were "too lazy to wash" because they had wasted too much time on washing cups.

"Is there any harm to the cup cleanliness?" for this problem, 22% of the people did not realize what the damage was, and 2.6% of the respondents mistaken that it did not harm.

The director of the 320 hospital infection control department of the PLA pointed out that because the water cup is full of water, it will be in a wet environment, and it is easy to breed a variety of bacteria based on mould, which will harm the health of the human body. Therefore, it should be regularly washed and sterilized and dry as far as possible. He suggested that the glass should be sterilized by physical means, such as scalding with boiling water, heating in a microwave oven (except metal materials), and sterilizing tablets. It is worth noting that the snails of cups are the most vulnerable to dirt and need to be cleaned.