the reason why insulation mug can keep warm

- Feb 04, 2018-

The reason why insulation mug can keep warm

The reason why insulation mug can be insulated, the principle of this insulation and the thermos at home with the insulation principle is the same. The interior of the bottle is double-layered, and attentive people notice a small, pointed "tip" on the bottom when purchasing a new bottle. "Once the tip is off, the water bottle is not warm." This is often a "truth" summed up by experienced mothers themselves. In fact, the water bottle insulation really is closely related to this structure yet.

Now tell you that the reason why insulation mug insulation, the secret is that 'vacuum thermal' technology. It turned out that the thermos flask and the thermos are double-layer hollow structure, the inner and outer tubes are made of stainless steel, the difference is the insulation cup in the middle of the air drawn in, sealed with glass seal before the bottom of the cup will be placed A layer of carbon particles, through the high temperature of 500 degrees so that carbon particles are fully burned, so that the hollow part of the air depleted, reaching almost full vacuum effect. It is well-known that the transfer of heat requires medium, and for the three ways of heat transfer, the heat radiation can be carried out in vacuum. Therefore, in order to further enhance the thermal insulation effect, manufacturers will be coated with copper or aluminum on the outer wall of the inner tube to form a smooth reflective surface, reflecting the heat emitted by the inner tube of the cup into the cup. So the same reason can be explained, the bottom of the domestic thermos liner "sharp" once broken, the vacuum effect of the middle lost, can not be insulated, and the silver-plated bottle and the insulation cup copper or aluminum tube is the same principle of.