The status of the silica gel Mug factory

- Jul 07, 2018-

The mug does not only refer to the glass made of Mark. It also has several other common materials, such as pure porcelain, glaze, glass, ABS+ silica gel / soft glue. Its function has evolved from coffee and tea to various functions, and of course, it also contains ornamental functions. Today I am going to talk about the children's cartoon Mug Cup with great ornamental function.

The mug factory is all over the streets and lanes, many of which have evolved from previous PVC manufacturers. Since PVC is not environmentally friendly, the market is phasing out of this product, so it is done with environmentally friendly silicone materials and can be certified by FDA food grade. At present, the Dongguan silica gel Mug factory can be divided into two kinds according to the process, which is a factory with traditional glue as the process. The two is to produce silica gel mug by using innovative silica gel polychromatic forming process like Haotian silica gel. The technological difference between the two is that the former in the production of silica gel mug, the pattern color of the surface needs to be simplified not to make the fine part, and can not make the effect of the gradient color, and the appearance is discounted; and the silicone polychromatic forming process is not simplified, the product of the product is the same as the design, especially the cartoon pattern. It is very popular with children. Moreover, it is superior to traditional technology in terms of production efficiency.

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