What is a hot water bottle?

- Jan 15, 2018-

What is a hot water bottle?

The hot water bottle, also called the thermos bottle, was invented by dewar, a scientist in England. In 1900, he first turned the compressed hydrogen into a liquid, that is, liquid hydrogen. This kind of thing has to be packed in bottles, but there was no thermos like this. He developed himself. He used a vacuum method, that is, a double layer bottle, the air in the partition, cut off and cut off the conduction. But after that, the heat can also affect the heat, so dewar, in the vacuum layer, is coated with a layer of silver or reflective coating to keep the heat back. Use a plug to plug the mouth of the bottle. The three ways of heat conduction are all cut off, and the bottle can keep the temperature for a long time. He uses this bottle to store liquid hydrogen.

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