what is the characteristic of acrylic pigment?

- Feb 09, 2018-

The characteristics of acrylic pigment:

(1) it can be diluted with water for cleaning.

(2) dry quickly. The pigment in the pen after a few minutes to dry, do not have to wait a few months to finish to be like painting as glazing. A painter who likes slow dry pigments can delay the drying time of the pigment by using a retarder.

(3) the coloring layer quickly loses its solubility and forms a tough, elastic film that does not permeate. This kind of membrane is similar to rubber;

(4) full color, heavy, fresh, no matter how to reconcile the "dirty" "grey" feeling. The coloring layer will never have the phenomenon of oil absorption.

(5) the permanence of the works is long. Oil film in the oil film time is easy to oxidize, yellowing, hardened and easy to make the screen cracking phenomenon. The acrylic film will never embrittlement in theory, and it will never turn yellow.

(6) the maximum difference between the use of acrylic paint and oil painting is the operation characteristic of the general water-based pigment, which can be used as water color and water powder.

(7) the propene plastic ointment contains granular type, and has the separation of coarse particles and fine particles, which provides convenience for the making of the texture.

(8) propylene pigment has a slight toxicity, but it does not harm the human body. Just be careful not to eat on the line.

Acrylic paint is commonly known as the propylene paint, can be used to draw the hand-painted wall painting, and other decorative painting, acrylic paint is not soluble in water, and can be easily dissolved in oil painting, hand-painted paint is a kind of very good.