what kind of plastic cup is safe

- Feb 08, 2018-

Plastic bottle triangle inside the number 1: PET polyethylene terephthalate common mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles. Heat-resistant to 70 ℃ easy to deform, there are harmful substances melt. After using plastic product number 1 for 10 months, the carcinogen DEHP may be released. Can not be placed in the car in the sun; Do not install wine, oil and other substances inside the triangle plastic bottle number 2: HDPE HDPE common white bottles, cleaning supplies, bath products. Do not use it as a glass, or as a storage container for other items. Cleaning is not complete, do not recycle. Triangle inside the plastic bottle number 3: PVC PVC common raincoat, building materials, plastic film, plastic boxes and so on. Good plasticity, the price is cheap, so the use is very common,