Will it be good to drink water with a plastic thermos cup?

- May 25, 2018-

Plastic insulation cups have been used for a long time. According to the bisphenol A incident reported before the plastic cup, many people think that all plastic cups contain bisphenol A, as long as it is the use of plastic thermos cup to drink water, there is a risk of cancer, until the appearance of tritan material, people are afraid of plastic insulation cups. Fear slowly dissipated, and gradually, people using plastic thermal cups slowly increased.

May some people will not be assured, everywhere ask plastic insulation Cup good use, plastic insulation cup drinking water and the like, in fact, in the previous use of PP and PC plastic cup of plastic cup filled with water, there will be the release of harmful substances, when in the cold water, there will be no harmful substances!

According to the above, is it not that plastic thermos can not hold hot water? Actually not, tritan plastic glass cup in the case of boiling water, in the high temperature conditions will not produce bisphenol substances and any harmful substances to the human body, and tritan material in Europe and America is included in the formulation of infant supplies material! At present, the plastic water cup can be resistant to high temperature, and at the same time will not release the toxic material, it is only tritan material plastic cup. So, drinking water with tritan plastic water cup is a good choice, we can safely use it!