Can A Porcelain Cup Be Heated In A Microwave?

- Feb 25, 2020-

Ceramic cups can be heated in the microwave.

Utensils that can be used in microwave ovens:

① Glass cooking utensils. Including utensils made of glass-ceramics, as well as vessels made of heat-resistant materials such as borosilicate glass vessels and ceramic glass.

②Ceramic cooking utensils. Fine earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain utensils, that is, ordinary ceramic bowls, plates, woks, etc. can be used. However, containers with metal trim may spark or peel off. Do not use it.

③ heat-resistant plastic utensils. All heat-resistant plastic utensils can be used. However, please use heat-resistant glass or ceramic utensils for foods with a lot of oil.

④Frying dish. Microwave frying pan is a special utensil used for frying and frying. For example, schnitzel, patties, fried steak, etc. The surface layer of this special utensil is coated with microwave absorbing material, in order to absorb the microwave to make it heat, and the food is heated on the surface of the utensil to produce frying and frying cooking effects. To make better use of the frying pan, please read the instructions for the special frying pan.

⑤ cling film, heat-resistant pe bag. It can be used to cover vegetables when cooking vegetables, and can also be used as the lid of the container, but do not directly wrap meat and fried food.