Can The PC Plastic Cup Be Filled With Water

- Jan 21, 2018-

Can the PC plastic cup be filled with water

Many people like to use plastic cups such as space cups to make tea, but there are also a lot of fear that plastic cups will have toxic substances into the water. This entangled problem will give you the right answer.

PC plastic is a more widely used material, more used in the manufacture of milk bottles, space cups and so on. Many people think that bisphenol A contained in PC plastics may be associated with diseases of the breast, prostate and reproductive system, and may cause some cancers. So don't use it to store hot water [1].

The container containing bisphenol A is safe under the prescribed upper limit of temperature. It will not cause toxicity. But now, in line with the "prudent" principle, the European Union has banned the sale of PC plastic bottles containing bisphenol A.

The standard "Hygienic standard for molded polycarbonate used in food containers and packaging materials" (GB 14942-1994) regulations, in food packaging made of polycarbonate resin as raw materials, food containers and packaging materials made by processing, the free phenol should be controlled in 0.05m below g/L. Polycarbonate (PC) can be used for a long time at -60 - 120 C, and its embrittlement temperature is -100 C, and the maximum use temperature is 140 C [4].