Don't Throw The Plastic Drink Bottle That Has Finished The Drink, Cut It Off And Put It On The Faucet, And The Neighbors Are Envious And Crying.

- Aug 24, 2019-

Usually, the family often buys some drinks to drink. After drinking, the Plastic Drink Bottle are also widely used, such as vinegar pots, rice pots, soy sauce pots, oil pots, etc., and some families will directly throw away the bottles. Don't rush to throw, the role of this bottle is not limited to loading things. For the faucet, this seemingly useless bottle can play a big role! Next, let's take a look at these little tricks that turn waste into treasure in life!

1. Use a Plastic Drink Bottle as a water outlet

First, the unused plastic bottle is cut in half, and the small mouth part is fixed into the faucet, and can be made into a circular water inlet or curved. In this case, we will not splash when we wash the dishes, and the children will not be able to get wet on the clothes. It is really convenient.

2, using plastic beverage bottle caps as a water outlet

Another way is to poke a few holes in the middle of the cap and around it, put the cap of the poked hole above the faucet, fix it with the faucet with hot melt glue or wire, and finally you It will be surprising to find that the faucet forms a shower head.

This can not only be used to clean the items, but also to save water. The most important thing is to have the effect of the filter, because the hole is very small and can be simple. Filter out the sediment.

3, the straw can also be used as a water outlet

I have experimented with the household straws when I have nothing to do. After a successful test from a straw, I took two pieces of straw and three straws and made a faucet extender. Use a thick straw to fix on the faucet, cut the cross at the bottom, and fix the scotch tape. This will not only not splash water everywhere, but also play an extended role.

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