Double Wall Plastic Mug Decomposition Deformation

- Jul 24, 2017-

1: the advantage is light, not easy to break. 2: the disadvantage is not able to withstand too high temperature, by the high temperature easily decomposed deformation. Double Wall Plastic Mug3: choose plastic cups to choose polypropylene cups, it is best to choose a transparent material, so there will not contain other too many additives and pigments, Double Wall Plastic Mug there will be no heavy metals and other harmful ingredients. 4: plastic cup toxic This argument is not very comprehensive, we do not agree with the plastic, plastic brought us a major change in life, Double Wall Plastic Mug there are too many products are plastic material, the correct understanding of plastic, not talk about color change.

Plastic corrugated pipe in the structural design using a special "ring groove" shaped cross-section form, this pipe design novel, reasonable structure, Double Wall Plastic Mug breaking the ordinary pipe "plate" traditional structure, Double Wall Plastic Mug so that the pipe has enough pressure and shock Strength, Double Wall Plastic Mug but also has good flexibility. According to the structure of plastic bellows, bellows can be divided into single-wall corrugated pipe and double-walled bellows. Single-walled plastic bellows is the plastic pipe inside and outside the walls are corrugated pipe, Double Wall Plastic Mug with high rigidity, can be bent, infinite package. Double wall corrugated pipe refers to the inner wall is smooth and the outer wall has a ripple (corrugated shape can be right angle, Double Wall Plastic Mug trapezoidal, sinusoidal, etc.) of the plastic tube, it is by the simultaneous extrusion of the corrugated outer wall and a smooth inner wall of a sintering extrusion The In addition to its ordinary plastic with all the good corrosion resistance, high insulation, smooth inner wall, Double Wall Plastic Mug small flow resistance and other characteristics, due to the use of a special hollow ring stiffness and good strength and toughness. In the same strength, stiffness requirements, the use of double-walled corrugated pipe than ordinary plastic tube to save materials 30% -50%, technical and economic better, and easy transportation and installation, reducing the construction workers labor intensity, but also reduced The total investment of the project, Double Wall Plastic Mug but the curvature is small. Application of bellows: single-wall corrugated pipe can be widely used in golf courses, sports ground and other light load, etc. drainage, permeable; interior decoration wire casing; car wire casing; prestressed anchor cable casing; The Double wall corrugated pipe can be widely used in highways, slopes, Double Wall Plastic Mug golf courses and other heavy load conditions, drainage, Double Wall Plastic Mug flooding; municipal sewage; communications, power supply cable casing and other occasions.