Double Wall Plastic Mug Good Elasticity

- Nov 02, 2017-

Plastic bellows were first developed in the 1950s and have been growing rapidly over the past 20 years. Has been developed and applied plastic bellows, double-wall plastic cup, according to the production of plastic bellows production, can be divided into "HDPE bellows", "UPVC bellows", "PP bellows" and so on, which PVC plastic bellows currently large The

Plastic corrugated pipe in the structural design using a special "ring groove" shaped cross-section form, this pipe design novel, reasonable structure, breaking the ordinary pipe "plate" of the traditional structure, so that the pipeline has enough pressure and impact strength, double Plastic cup, while having good elasticity. According to the structure of plastic bellows, the bellows can be divided into single-wall corrugated pipe and double-walled bellows. Single-wall plastic bellows is plastic tube inside and outside the plastic pipe wall, is a bellows, double-wall plastic cup, high rigidity, can be bent, infinite packaging. Double wall corrugated pipe refers to the smooth wall of the inner wall, the outer wall of the corrugated (corrugated shape can be right angle trapezoidal, sine, etc.) of the plastic tube, it is by the corrugated outer wall while squeezing and sintering the smooth inner wall extrusion in addition to ordinary plastic The corrosion resistance is good, high insulation, double wall plastic cup inner wall smooth, small flow resistance and other characteristics due to the use of a special hollow ring stiffness and good strength and toughness. At the same strength and stiffness requirements, the use of double-walled bellows is 30% to 50% less than ordinary plastic pipes, with better technology and economy, ease of transport and installation, reduced construction workers' labor intensity, but also reduced total investment in engineering, but The curvature is very small. Corrugated pipe applications: single-wall corrugated pipe can be widely used in golf courses, sports ground and other light load drainage, permeable; interior trim; car trough; prestressed anchor cable; double wall corrugated pipe can be widely used Roads, slopes, golf courses and other heavy load conditions, drainage, flood, etc .; urban sewage; communications, power supply cable casing and other occasions