How To Choose The Insulation Cup Better?

- Jun 03, 2018-

There are many kinds of thermal insulation cups on the market, and the price of thermal insulation cups is also very different. A penny of the goods, a lot of consumption often in the choice of thermos cups are followed this idea to choose, but because some of the low - and middle - low temperature cup is also high price, misleading consumers' buying psychology. For this reason, some consumers are beginning to complain that they spend a lot of money on products that are not satisfactory. What kind of thermal insulation effect is better? To choose a good thermal insulation Cup, Cup appearance, material, performance is very important.

Appearance recognition

To see whether the surface of the inner and outer surfaces of the bladder is uniform, and whether there is a scratch and scratch. The depth of the inner bladder in the insulating cup is basically in line with the height of the shell, and the capacity is in full conformity with the nominal value. Some cups of poor quality add sand or cement blocks to the cup to add the missing weight. Therefore, do not think that the thermos cup (pot) heavier weight is a good cup. Two see whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent, which is related to the feeling of comfort when drinking water.

Plastic material material

The plastic material of the insulation cup will not only affect the service life, but also have adverse effects on our healthy drinking water. The plastic industry has a large gap in the performance of the new plastic and the ordinary plastic, and the two kinds of plastics. Food grade new plastic has small odor, no burr on the surface, smooth hand, long service life and no aging. The smell of ordinary plastics and recycled plastics is relatively large, with many burrs and dark color. Plastic is also easy to age and break easily.

Sealing performance

See if the internal seal is tight, whether the screw plug and the cup fit properly, whether the cup cover and the cup mouth are screwed in and out freely, and whether it leaks. Fill a cup of water into the warm water after the injection of warm water, tighten the bottle stopper and the cover, the cup flat on the table without water leakage, the cup is inverted four or five minutes or force a few to verify whether there is water exposure, if there is water drop out, it should not be purchased.

Thermal insulation performance

Look at the insulation performance. This is the main technical index of the thermos cup. General selection can not be checked in accordance with the standard, but can be filled with hot water and look up, not heat insulation Cup loaded into hot water two minutes later, the lower part of the cup will be hot, and the lower part of the cup is always cool.

Capacity detection

Because the thermos cups are double decker, the actual capacity of the thermos cup is different from what we can see. First look at the depth of the inner layer of the insulation cup and the height of the outer layer is not quite different (general 18-22mm), many small factories in order to reduce the cost, often in the material aspects, this may affect the capacity of the cup.