How To Use The Thermos Correctly?

- Apr 15, 2018-

In daily life, we often use thermos kettle to store boiled water, so as to maintain the temperature of boiled water and make it easy to drink. What are the points for attention when using thermos kettle?

1 don't put the thermos kettle in the place where children are easy to touch, so that children don't overturn the kettle and scald themselves.

2 take the thermos bottle into boiling water in the process must be careful, pay attention to boiling water spills, to avoid scald.

3 when using the thermos kettle to pour water, try not to contact the Hukou directly with the glassware, so as to prevent some glassware from exploding and cause injury.

4 don't overheat the kettle, try to keep a little space to cover it, so as to avoid scalding yourself when the water is overflowing.

5 the use of glass liner of thermos bottle to be careful when handling, lest filled with boiling water kettle insulation broke when burn themselves.