How To Wash Tea Stains On Porcelain Cups

- Feb 25, 2020-

Method / step 1:

Put the tea cup in the pot, add boiling water and vinegar, infuse for ten minutes, and then wash with a brush to remove the tea stains. The effect is very good.

Method / step 2:

If it is a stubborn tea stain, you can boil the tea cup and orange peel in a pot together, and then use a cleaning ball or a toothbrush to quickly fix it.

Method / step 3:

There is also a soil method, which is to scrub the cup with salt, but the effect is not as good as the above two methods.

Method / step 4:

For long cups that are not easy to clean, you can use egg shells to break them. Add white vinegar and wash with a toothbrush. The effect is obvious.


After drinking tea, wash the cup with clean water as much as possible, which is hygienic and can avoid the deposition of tea stains.