Match Different Porcelain Coffee To Go Mugs According To Different Coffee

- Aug 18, 2018-

Match different coffee cups according to different coffee.

1. Espresso cups are all small ceramic cups within 100 ml because of the small Porcelain Coffee To Go Mugs. The cup wall is very thick, the cup mouth is narrow, which is convenient for heat preservation and can properly prolong the retention of coffee aroma.

2, cappuccino / latte, many coffee shops now have cabbages and lattes pulled, but also to ensure that the coffee can not be quickly cooled, so the cappuccino and latte is using a wide mouth, thicker wall ceramic cup, the capacity is generally between 200-300 ml.

3. American/Mocha coffee, which needs a lot of other ingredients, is usually made of a Mark cup, measuring more than 300 ml.

4. Hand-washed, siphon pot, Belgian pot and other utensils made of clear coffee, generally will use beautifully shaped bone china cup, to highlight its forced style.

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