Plastic Drink Bottle Can Be Used Repeatedly

- Sep 28, 2017-

Storage containers: bottles of larger beverage bottles can be used to store beans, peanuts, pepper, aniseed and so on. If you have a lot of such a bottle, you can lie down and store it up.Plastic Drink Bottle Take the label on the cap, indicate the contents, and use it to take out on the line, it is convenient.

Do the cup: bottle thicker beverage bottles can be made into a cup. Plastic Drink Bottle The upper part of the bottle to cut the cone, the height can be determined according to their own needs, with sandpaper to polish the edge, so as not to scratch the hand. And then poured into a different amount of water, do a good sign, the water poured out in the inner wall engraved scale can be.

Do the funnel: the top of the beverage bottle cone can be used as a funnel, Plastic Drink Bottle choose a smaller bottle of easy to use, the edge to use sandpaper polished light.

Do the scoop: the bottom of the beverage bottle at the bottom of the appropriate height began to cut, obliquely upward, cut out oval, the edge can be polished with sandpaper.

Drink bottles can be said to be one of the most exposed plastic products, and many people will drink drinks in the time when the plastic bottles left to drink water or other items. So, Plastic Drink Bottle after drinking a drink or mineral water, the beverage bottle can be used repeatedly

Now bottled drinks, mineral water bottles generally used in polyethylene terephthalate, Plastic Drink Bottle that is, we are common in the bottle "PET", at room temperature these plastic bottles are indeed safe, but if the long time Repeated use may cause the release of hazardous substances.

So drink drink, Plastic Drink Bottle easily put the bottle thrown into the trash bar. Plastic Drink Bottle The same reason, in addition to not use the beverage bottled water, Plastic Drink Bottle in hot weather also try not to mineral water long-term storage in the open air or vehicle trunk