Plastic Drink Bottle Classification Recovery

- Nov 02, 2017-

Recently, the matter about garbage collection and handling has been uproar. Domestic garbage collection in the classification of treatment, although very early on the initiative, but has been very little success. In fact, if there is no classification of garbage recycling, then deal with the high cost of the process will also cause pollution to the environment. On the other hand, plastic packaging bottles, glass bottles and other packaging if not achieved classification processing, if the sorting from the words, you need to spend a lot of labor costs. If the effective classification of treatment, then the plastic beverage bottles, glass bottles and other resources to greatly reduce the cost of recycling, can effectively improve the use of recycling.

Now, the beverage and beverage beverage bottle recycling rate is ideal, as well as beer glass bottle recycling rate is relatively high. Beverage plastic beverage bottle recycling rate is mainly mainly by a large number of recyclers from sorting, beer glass bottle recovery rate is high beer bottle factory has a complete deposit recovery mechanism. Garbage sorting is not ideal is the main words of people's awareness is generally low. At present, our other types of plastic beverage bottles and glass bottles are generally very low recovery rate, training people to actively sort the recycling awareness, as a plastic beverage bottles, glass bottles on the one hand, the use of a variety of incentives to encourage the recycling system to enhance People for the plastic beverage bottles, glass bottles recycling active type, on the other hand we government departments to strengthen guidance.

Plastic beverage bottles after recycling, can be processed into a variety of different products, such as PET fiber from which can be made, can also be made of waste plastic beverage bottles, processing into gasoline, significant savings in resources.

We know that plastic beverage bottle packaging applications are very extensive, but there are still some areas that do not involve the use of plastic beverage bottle packaging. These areas have always been the use of plastic bags, paper and other forms of packaging, or is some emerging product types. These products in recent years gradually began to use plastic beverage bottle packaging, a plastic beverage bottle packaging can expand new areas.

These plastic beverage bottle packaging field is due to the emergence of many buyers in the purchase of the time, found to find the target product is difficult. Many of our plastic beverage bottle manufacturers in the fierce competition in the market, the eyes did not put into these emerging areas. In this, I suggest that some manufacturers can find another way, and actively into these areas, the development of these new products to improve, or will get a good opportunity for development.