Plastic Drink Bottle Common Sense

- Sep 29, 2017-

The plastic beverage bottle, the glass bottle classification recycling shallow talk

Recently, there has been a heated discussion about garbage recycling. Domestic garbage collection is a very early move, but has been ineffective. In fact, if garbage is not collected and recycled, it will be extremely expensive to process, and will cause pollution to the environment during the process. On the other hand, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and other packages are not classified and processed, which can cost a lot of human cost if they are sorted out. If effective classification is implemented, the recycling cost of plastic bottles, glass bottles and other resources can be greatly reduced, which can effectively improve recycling.

Now, the recycling rate of beverage plastic bottles is ideal, and the recycling rate of beer glass bottles is also high. The recycling rate of beverage plastic bottles is mainly collected by a large number of recyclers. The recovery rate of beer glass bottles is a perfect deposit recovery mechanism. Garbage classification recycling is not ideal mainly because people's consciousness is generally low

Lack of some plastic bottle common sense

"I don't know if this heated drink will have a harmful effect on the body of plastic bottles and plastic packaging outside of the drink." As long as the plastic is in conformity with the national security quality standard, heating will have what bad influence to the human body, but on the market a lot of substandard plastic, you would do well to use less plastic container heating at ordinary times, multi-purpose container to compare safety glass and ceramic etc. If the plastic container can tightly control the heating temperature below 65 degrees Celsius, the drink is relatively safe, but not suitable for repeated heating.

Plastic bottles are packaged in a long-term packaging process. In fact, there is no doubt that they are actually a safe packaging material. So why are plastic bottles still in doubt? We believe in the process of plastic bottles to use all kinds of problems, one very common problem is that under the environment of high temperature long exposure results in the release harmful material, plastic bottles eventually endanger human body health.

Many of us have a problem with the lack of some plastic bottle common sense that we intentionally inadvertently put plastic bottles in the high temperature environment, thus harming ourselves. So, what are some of the most common high temperature environments that we ignore? Within the first one is a car in the summer, many people have the habit of habit to drink placed in the car, the interior temperature under the sun of the sun of summer temperatures can reach on baidu, such cases, beverage bottles under the affected by high temperature, easy release harmful substances. Second, many of us in the kitchen cooking, often have intention to not intentional of plastic bottles of soy sauce, wine, vinegar on the edge of gas range, in this case, under the long-term high temperature cooking bakes repeatedly, plastic bottles are very easy to change.

The meaning of the bottom number of plastic bottle

1 represents PET (polyethylene terephthalate) : at present, ordinary mineral water, carbonated drinks and functional beverage bottles are used in this material. Heat resistant to 70 ℃ is easy deformation, using 10 months may release carcinogens. Don't put mineral water in the open or in the car, and don't flush the water directly into the water bottle.

2. HDPE (high density polyethylene) : used to make container bottles for cleaning products and bath products. High temperature, but not easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria, recommend do not recycle.

3 on behalf of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) : this kind of material of plastic products easy to produce the poisonous and harmful substances from the two aspects, one is the production process is not fully single molecule vinyl chloride polymerization, plasticizer of pests. These two substances are easy to release when they are exposed to high temperature and oil, which can cause cancer when they enter the body with food.

Four representative LDPE (low density polyethylene) : the film on the market at present, plastic film, such as use this kind of material, heat resistance is not strong, the qualified PE cling film hot melt phenomenon occurs on the temperature over 110 ℃, with cling film heating food, oils and fats in food is easy to dissolve the harmful material in plastic wrap. Before heating the food in the microwave, remove the wrapped plastic wrap.

5 on behalf of PP (polypropylene) : microwave boxes made with this material, resistant to high temperature of 130 ℃, transparency is poor. This is the only plastic box that can be put in the microwave oven, which can be reused after careful cleaning. Some of the boxes are made of PP. 5 PP, but the box cover is made of 6 PS (polystyrene), which is transparent, but not high temperature, so it cannot be put in the microwave with the box.