Plastic Drink Bottle Different Material

- Jun 30, 2017-

Plastic Drink Bottle Beverages, toiletries, oil drums and other plastic bottles of different materials, if all in accordance with the plastic material separately, may need to place more recycling trash, Plastic Drink Bottle investment costs and manual maintenance costs will increase significantly, but also need more garbage Bucket area. On the other hand to teach residents to distinguish so many types of plastic, Plastic Drink Bottle seems to be an impossible task. If you consider other recyclable garbage, such as waste paper, crates, metal, glass and other classified delivery, in the limited space within the residential area placed more than 10 categories of trash is a difficult to implement the classification of delivery mode!

In contrast to the above-mentioned front-end classification, recyclable rubbish, such as plastic bottles, is put into a trash can at the front end, and it is a more simple and efficient way to recycle the terminal to the terminal factory. The recyclable waste is relatively clean , Plastic Drink Bottle Manual concentration is feasible, the price is the lowest, the factory's full-time staff will be more professional to a variety of plastic ingredients and the efficient classification of high-value recycling, this approach simplifies the front-end trash settings, but also greatly Reduce the difficulty of publicity and education on the classification of residents waste, the implementation of more simple and reliable! This classification is to merge all recyclable waste into a recyclable trash can, which is one of the important measures that the government advocates for mandatory classification of waste.

We went to the residential area of the waste recycling station to see the scene, plastic bottles naturally stacked large volume, direct loading transport will lead to high transport costs, Plastic Drink Bottle but the waste recycling station and can not set up compression packaging equipment, only Take artificial simple compression measures, that is, open the bottle cap, manually squeeze out the bottle of air, and then screw cap to prevent the bottle inflated again inflated, so that the plastic bottle stacking volume will be significantly reduced, Plastic Drink Bottle easy to reduce transportation costs. And relatively large edible oil drums and other difficult to manually compress the ship is usually bundled directly. From the above point of view, the cap and the bottle is not reasonable to classify the delivery! The same call to the majority of residents to implement the "plastic bottle three points" is clearly inappropriate, will lead to a substantial increase in the cost of transport and so on! If you participate in the garbage from the point of view, with the mobilization of everyone to implement the "plastic bottle trichotomy", Plastic Drink Bottle it is better to mobilize the plastic bottle to flatten the exhaust and then tighten the cap more real!

China's waste classification for so many years, similar to this "plastic bottle trichotomy" misleading sound is always ringing, its roots may be blindly follow the trend of promoting developed countries, especially Japan's waste classification, like a garbage classification , Think of want to learn with Japan, and even become a fashion argument, but this view is too one-sided, is the lack of garbage classification, Plastic Drink Bottle transportation, recycling, Plastic Drink Bottle disposal of the whole process to understand the analysis of the premise, just by feeling and imagination to determine The garbage sorting method.

China's waste classification long way to go, Plastic Drink Bottle hoping to promote the process can be more attention to the delivery and disposal of links, each sort of garbage should be suitable for the collection and disposal of the way. "Only concerned about the classification, do not care about disposal," the social atmosphere will only lead to garbage sorting work less!