Plastic Drink Bottle Effect

- Jul 10, 2017-

Bottles of the larger beverage bottles can be used to store beans, Plastic Drink Bottle peanuts, pepper, aniseed and so on. If you have a lot of such a bottle, you can lie down and store it up. Plastic Drink Bottle In the bottle on the label, indicate the content, when used out on the line, it is convenient.

Bottom wall of the relatively thick beverage bottle can be made into a cup. The upper part of the bottle to cut the cone, the height can be determined according to their own needs, with sandpaper to polish the edge, Plastic Drink Bottle so as not to scratch the hand. And then poured into a different amount of water, Plastic Drink Bottle do a good sign, the water poured out in the inner wall engraved scale can be.

Drink bottle can be used to make the upper part of the conical funnel, the choice of smaller mouth is relatively easy to use, the edge of the sandpaper to use polished light.

In the bottom of the beverage bottle up the appropriate height began to cut, Plastic Drink Bottle obliquely upward, cut out oval, the edge of sandpaper can be polished.

After unscrewing the plastic beverage bottle beverage cap, if we look at it, you will see that there are many plastic caps inside which the caps are generally used, and different caps will use different cap gaskets.

If the plastic bottle bounce off position, Plastic Drink Bottle the bottle cap gasket sealing effect is certainly poor, the bottle but encountered a light and heat and shock, Plastic Drink Bottle in the role of external force to shrink or expansion, will make the bottle and bottle The lid of the seal close to the Department of movement, resulting in leakage of fluid. Should be used with the appropriate cap gasket to avoid future trouble.

On the glass of water plastic beverage bottle manufacturers, we think that the North of the plastic bottle manufacturers engaged in glass water bottle production is more appropriate, basically more demand for glass water shopping malls in the northern region, glass bottle packaging orders are more Mostly from the north. We all know that glass water is cheap, the manufacturing is also relatively simple, Plastic Drink Bottle so the glass water shopping malls prices are lower, the profit is relatively meager. On the glass bottle packaging are now all feel the soft water bottle, after this way to reduce the cost of packaging. However, Plastic Drink Bottle we think that this packaging is not appropriate. As the glass bottle capacity is usually 2L-based, so soft packaging is not conducive to the use and with. And glass bottles shopping malls packaging is almost a thousand people side, Plastic Drink Bottle on those who want to make the product brand to establish the manufacturers, we think in the packaging to the next must be kung fu, Plastic Drink Bottle aligned glass water bottle is not easy to wear, grams can be similar to add a handle , To facilitate with.