Plastic Drink Bottle Important Material

- Aug 01, 2017-

Plastic is one of the important materials in everyday life. Plastic Drink Bottle However, the chemical stability of plastic, in nature is not easy to degrade, often resulting in "white pollution" and waste of raw materials. Recently, "Science" published the latest technology of Japanese scientists: Plastic Drink Bottle found that some kind of microorganisms can be PET (for the manufacture of beverage bottles and other important plastic products) degradation.

A small micro-organisms, may be able to solve the mineral water bottle plastic recycling and recycling issues. This kind of plastic that we encounter every day in our lives, Plastic Drink Bottle its main ingredient is polyethylene terephthalate (abbreviated as PET). Recently, Japanese scientist Kenji Miyamoto discovered the world's first bacterium that could "devour" PET, which they called I. Plastic Drink Bottle sakaiensis. This bacteria uses PET as the main source of carbon and energy.

In 2013, for example, the world's annual production of PET is as high as 56 million tons. In our daily contact with the mineral water bottles, Plastic Drink Bottle Coke bottles and other food packaging bottles can be found on the PET figure. Although, as a typical recyclable plastic, its recovery level is still maintained at a low level. According to the United States PET Plastics Association statistics, Plastic Drink Bottle the world PET recovery rate remained at around 31%. Europe has done better in this respect, but only about 50%. Every year, millions of tons of PET are discarded, Plastic Drink Bottle either in the garbage plant or into the environment to produce pollution.

In theory, PET can be high temperature and high pressure hydrolysis reaction recovery of its monomer raw materials. But this process is slow, energy consumption, high cost. Early found that can be degraded PET fungi. Plastic Drink Bottle In contrast, Kenji Miyamoto found that the degradation of bacteria is more efficient, Plastic Drink Bottle it is commendable that the bacteria at 30 degrees Celsius can play its role.

To optimize the technology, it needs to be further optimized. For example, Plastic Drink Bottle the current role of this enzyme is at the level of several tens of days, in terms of commercial production is still not fast enough; In addition, I. Sakaiensis bacteria more easily on the amorphous PET, Plastic Drink Bottle and plastic bottles in a lot of PET Crystalline state. For the former, the researchers hope to use genetic engineering to further improve the bacteria; Plastic Drink Bottle for the latter, you can first plastic products in the PET pretreatment.

Common mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles and so on. Heat to 70 ℃ easy to deformation, there are harmful substances on the human body melt. No. 1 plastic used after 10 months, may release the carcinogen DEHP. Plastic Drink Bottle Can not be placed in the car in the sun; do not pretend to wine, oil and other substances!

Common white vials, cleaning supplies, bath products. Do not use it as a cup, or use it as a storage container for other items. Clean is not complete, do not use.

Common raincoats, building materials, plastic film, plastic boxes and so on. Plastic Drink Bottle Excellent plasticity, cheap, so the use of very common, only heat 81 ° C. High temperature is easy to have bad material, rarely used in food packaging. Difficult to clean easy residue, do not recycle.

Common plastic wrap, plastic film and so on. High temperature when there are harmful substances, Plastic Drink Bottle toxic with food into the human body, may cause breast cancer, neonatal birth defects and other diseases.

Common soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, fruit juice bottles, microwave lunch boxes. Melting point up to 167 ℃, is the only can be put into the microwave box plastic box, Plastic Drink Bottle can be reused after careful cleaning. It should be noted that some microwave lunch boxes, Plastic Drink Bottle box to the No. 5 PP manufacturing, but the lid is to No. 1 PE manufacturing, Plastic Drink Bottle because PE can not withstand high temperatures, it can not be put together with the box into the microwave oven.