Plastic Drink Bottle Internal Structure

- Oct 25, 2017-

For plastic bottle bottles of these two kinds of packaging. has always been a sworn enemy, in the market they are this long relationship. For the packaging manufacturers, Plastic Drink Bottle the choice of one of these two types of packaging must accept the shortcomings of this packaging. For plastic bottles, more and more packaging materials in recent years, blow molding technology is also progressing, in the plastic bottle packaging to solve the current two advantages of plastic bottle glass can not coexist problem may be a good choice.

We all know that the appearance of acrylic packaging, effectively solve the plastic bottle packaging appearance is not enough high-end problem, this appearance resembles the glass bottle packaging, extremely has the advantages of plastic bottle packaging, so well received by cosmetics manufacturers, Plastic Drink Bottle is the current mainstream type of cosmetic packaging. Plastic Drink Bottle For plastic bottle is a point is the use of plastic bottle preheating safety issues, will be because of the high temperature caused by the internal structure of plastic bottle instability, the release of harmful substances, this has been a lot of consumers worry about the problem. However, we believe that this can be used as a reference to the use of pesticide bottles in the bottle of the coating technology to solve the pesticide on plastic bottles of the idea of corrosion. Plastic Drink Bottle By developing a coating material in a plastic bottle to make a plastic bottle as stable as a glass bottle, it will not release harmful substances, obviously a good idea.

High temperature Resistance (117 ℃), strong acid and alkali resistance, high strength, high transparency, excellent stability, good water vapor barrier performance, Plastic Drink Bottle long storage period, stable quality, easy to break, light, easy to recycle, reasonable cost and many other characteristics; safe and non-toxic, fully meet the national food hygiene standards, suitable for hot filling of fresh fruit and vegetable juice, Tea beverages, sports drinks, health drinks and other products packaging, Plastic Drink Bottle is the ideal alternative to ordinary pet plastic bottles, hot-shaped pet bottles, horse mouth iron cans and glass bottles packaging containers. The unique formula and two-way stretching process of the ring Bao heat-resistant plastic bottle has excellent characteristics. It completely solves the common pet plastic bottle is not heat-resistant, difficult to recycle and other shortcomings, Plastic Drink Bottle and compared with the hot-shaped pet bottle, but also to solve its long-term storage (storage period of only 14 days) and storage requirements of the high disadvantage, Plastic Drink Bottle showing unparalleled advantages. Because the environment-friendly bottle has good heat-resistant performance, so in the beverage production can greatly reduce the loss, reduce the production cost (at present, the outsourcing of hot-shaped pet bottles of high production loss). In addition, Plastic Drink Bottle The ring Aquarius has good coloring performance, can produce the tan (already applied in medicine), green, blue and so on colored bottles, increases the UV penetration resistance, lengthens the product shelf life.