Plastic Drink Bottle Package Heat Phenomenon

- Oct 16, 2017-

Plastic beverage bottles have the advantage of glass bottles

For plastic beverage bottle glass bottles these two kinds of packaging. It has always been the enemy, and in the market they are the relationship between the two. For packaging manufacturers, one of the two packages must accept the drawbacks of packaging. For plastic bottles, packaging materials in recent years, more and more rich, blow molding technology is also in constant progress, in order to solve the current plastic beverage bottle packing up plastic bottles glass bottle two advantages cannot coexist problem may be a good choice.

We all know that the emergence of yakeli packaging effectively solved the problem of the plastic bottle packing enough high-grade appearance, this kind of appearance resembling a glass bottle packaging, extremely has the advantages of plastic packaging, so our products are very popular cosmetics, is the most popular types of cosmetics packaging. Is a little plastic bottles for plastic packaging preheat the use of security issues, whether because of internal structure caused by high temperature plastic instability, release material harm the human body, this has always been many consumers are worried about problems. However, we believe that this can be used as a reference to the idea of using coated technology to solve the corrosion of plastic bottles in the bottle. It is clearly a good idea to develop a coating material in a plastic bottle to achieve a stable structure like a glass bottle and not release harmful substances.

The plastic beverage bottle packaging heat phenomenon should be calm

In terms of packaging container, the original beverage packaging container, glass bottles and second paper composite cans, PET bottle, and then is now rigid PET bottle is already the largest carbonated and non-carbonated drinks packaging materials, in the United States in 1991 accounted for 26.5% of the beverage packaging container, glass bottles had dropped to 28.9% from 28.9% in 1981, aluminum cans accounted for 39%. And plastic bottles are growing at a rate of more than 3% a year. To be sure, even in countries where plastic packaging is the most vulnerable.

Plastics will continue to grow at a much faster pace than other packaging materials, because many of the properties of plastic are not replaceable by any other packaging material. Plastic packaging industry has been in occupation of sales at the same time, in the field of packaging is to transport packaging development, will eventually force still is given priority to with metal "packaging", is given priority to with plastic.

Plastic packaging is still an essential part of packaging. The advantages of plastic bottle packaging are: low packing cost; It can effectively reduce the incident of flask injury. To solve the problem of the surface pollution of the bottle body during the circulation and stacking of plastic containers; It can be used for packaging of glass bottles, metal cans and paper boxes. And it can give consumers a fresh sense of new things