Plastic Drink Bottle Production Process

- Sep 18, 2017-

Plastic beverage bottle production process is divided into one-step and two-step method:

1, one step: plastic particles heated by melting into the preform mold, cooling stereotypes into semi-finished products (similar to the tube shape of the preform, also known as the tube embryo), the embryo is not completely cooled when the heating thermostat, and then send Into the inflatable mode, after stretching the blown to the tube embryo plastic evenly distributed, and close to the inflatable mode, after the completion of high-pressure blowing into the cooling gas, fully cooled when the blow mold open, beverage bottle molding is completed.

2, two-step method: divided into injection and blowing. Injection of plastic particles by heating and melting into the preform mold, cooling stereotypes into semi-finished products (similar to the tube shape of the preform, also known as the tube embryo). Blowing: The preforms cooled to room temperature are heated and thermally heated and then fed into the blow mold. After stretching the blows, the plastic of the tube embryo is evenly distributed and in close contact with the blow mold. After the high pressure blowing is completed, , Fully cooled when the blow mold open, beverage bottle molding is completed.

Plastic drinks bottled drinks should not be heated to drink

Into the winter has come, with the sudden drop in outdoor temperature, some outdoor drinks on the booth more than a rice cooker, traders will be all kinds of bottled drinks into which the sale of hot, very popular with customers.

For several days, the reporter visited the streets of some of the beverage stalls found that there is the phenomenon of selling hot drinks, in order to keep the pot of warm drinks, rice cookers will be heated in the pot, the stall is not immediately power, but Has been energized to keep it in a warm state. A stall said that the heating and room temperature is a price, but customers generally like to choose to heat.

"The reason to buy a heated drink, because his stomach is not good, both warm stomach, you can also warm hands." Just selected a bottle of heated tea, said Ms. Yang, traders want to be very thoughtful, days so cold, Walking outside, or willing to buy some warm.

In this regard, the experts said that the market common mineral water, milk tea, carbonated drinks and other plastic bottles at the end of the triangular standard within the "1", representing PET, marked '1' plastic bottles to withstand high temperatures in 65 Degrees in degrees Celsius, it is safe to use at low temperatures, not suitable for repeated heating, if heated or even boiled, PET will heat the release of a toxic substance DEHP, endangering human health.

 "Just do not know that this heated drink will not make drinks outside the plastic bottles, plastic packaging produce toxic substances, the adverse effects on the body." As long as the plastic is in line with national safety and quality standards, heating will not produce anything on the human body Good impact, but the market is not up to a lot of plastic bottles, usually less use of plastic containers for better heating, multi-purpose glass, ceramics and other containers more secure. If the plastic container can strictly control the heating temperature below 65 degrees Celsius, then the beverage is relatively safe, but not suitable for repeated heating.

Plastic beverage bottle packaging After a long period of packaging use process, in fact, in fact, a safe packaging materials, this is no doubt. So why is the plastic bottle or why would it be questioned? We believe that the use of plastic bottles in the process of the emergence of a variety of problems, one of the very common problem is that long-term exposure in high temperature environment led to the release of harmful substances in plastic bottles, and ultimately endanger human health.

Many of us because of the lack of some common sense of plastic bottles, inadvertently inadvertently put the plastic bottle in the high temperature environment, thus harming ourselves. So, what are the common high temperature environments we ignore? The first one is in the summer car, many people have the habit of placing the drink in the car habit, the summer car temperature in the sun exposure, the temperature can reach Baidu, in this case, the beverage plastic bottles in the subject Under the influence of high temperature, easy to release harmful substances. Second, many of us in the kitchen when cooking, often intentionally or unintentionally, will be plastic bottles of soy sauce, wine, vinegar on the edge of the gas stove, in this case, in the long-term cooking high temperature repeated baking, plastic The bottle is very easy to change