Plastic Drink Bottle Should Not Be Heated To Drink

- Aug 23, 2017-

Plastic drinks bottled drinks should not be heated to drink, in winter, traders will be all kinds of bottled drinks into which the sale of hot, very popular with customers.

For several days, the reporter visited the streets of Shijiazhuang, some of the beverage stalls found in the Zhongshan Road and the construction of the intersection and the construction of North Street, etc., are selling hot drinks phenomenon, in order to keep the pot of warm drinks, rice cooker will Pot water heating, the stall is not immediately power, but has been energized to keep it in a state of insulation. A stall said that the heating and room temperature is a price, but customers generally like to choose to heat.

"The reason to buy a heated drink, because his stomach is not good, both can warm stomach, you can also warm hand." Just selected a bottle of heated milk tea, said Ms. Yang, traders want to be very thoughtful, days so cold, Walking outside, or willing to buy some warm.

In this regard, the experts said that the market common mineral water, milk tea, carbonated drinks and other plastic bottles at the end of the triangular standard within the "1", representing the PET, marked '1' plastic bottles to withstand high temperatures in 65 Degrees in degrees Celsius, it is safe to use at low temperatures, not suitable for repeated heating, if heated or even boiled, PET will heat the release of a toxic substance DEHP, endangering human health.