Plastic Drink Bottle Storage Rack

- Oct 17, 2017-

Beverage bottles hand-made pictures of plastic beverage bottles modified washing tool Plastic Drink Bottle storage racks, toiletries if not well received, it is easy to breed bacteria. Beverage bottle hand-making process is very simple, see my reform of the brushing kit storage rack bar, Plastic Drink Bottle can be toothbrush, tooth cup, such as rack up, when used very convenient, not when you can control water, not easy to breed bacteria. Are you interested? Look at the plastic drink Bottle makeover Tutorial!

Plastic Drink Bottle makeover Baby Brush Set storage rack, the baby brushing supplies are incorporated together, use very convenient, tooth cup inversion can also reduce the breeding bacteria.

The size of the plastic bottle to be used according to the need to receive the number of things, my baby generally brushing in the bedroom, so in addition to teeth brushing cups, Plastic Drink Bottle and spit mouthwash dishes.

The method of storage box of the sparse washing tools that is quite simple, because it is transparent, so it is not clear how the process is taken. Simply put, according to the size of the tooth cup, the plastic bottle in the middle of a groove, where the toothbrush to cut a hole, the place where the plate is also a groove. Then use the electrician tape to wrap the edges.

Now bottled beverages, mineral water bottles commonly used in the material is polyethylene terephthalate, that is, we are common in the bottom of the bottle "PET", Plastic Drink Bottle at room temperature these plastic bottles are indeed safe, but if used for a long time, it is possible to release harmful substances.

So drink after the drink, handy also put the bottle into the dustbin. In the same way, in addition to not drinking bottled water, in hot weather also try not to keep the mineral water in the open air or in the trunk of the vehicle for a long time.

A large bottle of beverage can be used to store beans, Plastic Drink Bottle peanuts, pepper, aniseed and so on. The bottle is washed and dried before it can be loaded. If there is a lot of such bottles, you can lay naked and store them. Put labels on the bottle caps, annotated content, when the time to draw out on the line, very convenient.

The thicker bottle wall can be made into a measuring cup. Cut the cone of the top of the bottle, leave the height can be determined according to their needs, Plastic Drink Bottle sanded edge polished, so as not to scratch the hand. Pour the water in different quantities, make a mark and pour out the water. Carve the scale on the inner wall.