Plastic Drink Bottle The Most Common In Life

- Oct 10, 2017-

Plastic bottles are the most common garbage in daily life, and friends who like to drink may have discarded plastic bottles every day. So the use of plastic bottles to make a variety of old-type renovation is also very popular with the class.

This group of owl's plastic bottle is very beautiful, Plastic Drink Bottle in fact, the main difficulty is in painting, no painting skills is not difficult, but to be careful enough patience. Slowly paint the shape and pattern of the owl on a plastic bottle with a pen.

Do storage containers: a larger bottle of beverage can be used to store beans, peanuts, pepper, aniseed and so on. The bottle is washed and dried before it can be loaded. If there is a lot of such bottles, you can lay naked and store them. Put labels on the bottle caps, annotated content, Plastic Drink Bottle when the time to draw out on the line, very convenient.

Make the Cup: the bottle wall thicker beverage bottles can be made into measuring cups. Cut the cone of the top of the bottle, leave the height can be determined according to their needs, Plastic Drink Bottle sanded edge polished, so as not to scratch the hand. Pour the water in different quantities, make a mark and pour out the water. Carve the scale on the inner wall.

Do funnel: The cone of the beverage bottle can be used to make funnel, Plastic Drink Bottle choose a small bottle of relatively easy to use, edge to sanded with sandpaper.

Make scoop spoon: at the bottom of the beverage bottle at the appropriate height to start shearing, oblique upward, cut out oval, edge with sandpaper polished light can be.

In the winter, traders put all kinds of bottled drinks in it for heating and selling, which is popular with customers.

A few days in a row, reporters visited the streets of Shijiazhuang to find some beverage stalls, Zhongshan Road and the construction of the intersection of the street and the building of the North Street, and so on, there are selling heating beverages, in order to keep the warm drink in the pot, Plastic Drink Bottle the rice cooker will be heated in the pot, the stall is not immediately power off, but has been electrified to keep it in the heat. A stall owner said that heating and room temperature is a price, but customers generally like to choose heating.

The reason for buying a heated drink is that you can warm your stomach and warm your hands as well as your stomach. "Just chose a bottle of heated milk tea," said Ms. Plastic Drink Bottle Yang, the traders think very thoughtful, it is so cold, walk outside, still willing to buy some warm.

In this regard, the experts said that the market common mineral water, milk tea, carbonated drinks and other plastic bottles in the bottom triangle of the number "1", Plastic Drink Bottle representing the pet, labeled ' 1 ' plastic bottle withstand high temperature at about 65 degrees Celsius, it is safe to use at low temperature, not suitable for repeated heating, if heated or even boiled, Plastic Drink Bottle pet heat will release a toxic substance DEHP, endangering human health.