Plastic Drink Bottle The Transformation

- Nov 03, 2017-

Drink bottles can be said that we have one of the most exposed plastic products, Plastic Drink Bottle and many people will drink bottled water when bottled or drink other things.

Now bottled drinks, mineral water bottles commonly used material is polyethylene terephthalate, that is, we are common in the bottom of the bottle "PET" at room temperature these plastic bottles are indeed safe,Plastic Drink Bottle but if the long time Reuse, it may release harmful substances.

So drink the drink, but also the bottle thrown into the trash it.Plastic Drink Bottle The same token, in addition to not drink bottled water, in hot weather as far as possible not to long-term storage of mineral water in the open air or vehicle trunk.

Drink bottles hand-made pictures of the old transformation of the plastic beverage bottles to transform the washing tools storage racks, toiletries if not properly stored, Plastic Drink Bottle it is easy to breed bacteria. Drink bottle handmade process is very simple, see my transformation of the toothbrush set storage rack it, you can toothbrush, tooth cup, etc. stand up, very convenient to use, when not in control of water, not easy to breed bacteria.

Plastic beverage bottles to transform the baby brushing teeth package storage rack, the baby toothbrush products are stored together, Plastic Drink Bottle the use of very convenient, Plastic Drink Bottle inverted cups can also reduce the breeding of bacteria.

The size of the plastic bottle to be used according to the need to accommodate the number of things, my baby usually brush your bedroom in the bedroom, so in addition to toothbrush cups, mouthwash and spit dishes.

Rinse tool storage box that is quite simple, Plastic Drink Bottle because it is transparent, so I can not see the process of filming. Plastic Drink Bottle To put it simply, according to the size of the cup, the plastic bottle cut a groove in the middle, place a toothbrush cut a hole where the platter is a groove. Plastic Drink Bottle And then use the electrician tape edge package it.