Plastic Drink Bottle Very Convenient

- Jul 24, 2017-

Bottles of the larger beverage bottles can be used to store beans, Plastic Drink Bottle peanuts, pepper, aniseed and so on. If you have a lot of such bottles, Plastic Drink Bottle you can lie flat up and store it in the cap on the label, indicate the content, when used out on the line, it is convenient.

Bottle thicker beverage bottle can be made into a cup. Plastic Drink Bottle The upper part of the bottle to cut the cone, the height can be determined according to their own needs, with sandpaper to polish the edge, so as not to scratch the hand. And then poured into different amounts of water, make a mark, Plastic Drink Bottle the water poured out in the inner wall engraved scale can be.

Drink bottle can be used to make the upper part of the conical funnel, Plastic Drink Bottle the choice of smaller mouth is relatively easy to use, the edge to use sandpaper polished light.

In the bottom of the beverage bottle up the appropriate height began to cut, Plastic Drink Bottle diagonal upward, cut out oval, the edge of the sandpaper can be polished.

Drink bottles hand-made pictures of the old material transformation of the plastic beverage bottle transformation of the washing tool storage rack, Plastic Drink Bottle wash appliances if not well accepted, Plastic Drink Bottle it is easy to breed bacteria. Drink bottle hand-made process is very simple to see my transformation of the brushing sets of shelves it, you can toothbrush,

Plastic beverage bottle transformation baby brushing sets of storage rack, the baby brushing supplies are stored together, the use of very convenient, inverted cups can also reduce the breeding of bacteria.

The size of the use of plastic bottles according to the need to store the number of things, Plastic Drink Bottle my baby usually brush your teeth in the bedroom, so in addition to toothbrush cups, and spit mouthwash dishes.

It is quite simple, because it is transparent, Plastic Drink Bottle so the process is not clear. Simply put it, according to the size of the cup, the middle of the plastic bottle cut a groove, place a toothbrush cut a hole, Plastic Drink Bottle put the plate is also a groove. And then wrapped with electrical tape on it.

1, a cola bottle cut into two halves (one-third of the bottle, the bottom of the bottle two-thirds), bottle mouth down into the bottom of the bottle, put the soil inside the bottle, Plastic Drink Bottle the bottle does not need completely Tighten to drip (or drill two holes in the cap)

2, the other half of the water, flowers can absorb moisture through the bottle, Plastic Drink Bottle you only need to travel before the "flower pot" the second half of the water can be filled, and can guarantee 1 month without watering.

Say that the master in the folk, is also right, Plastic Drink Bottle the following can also raise goldfish, you only need to drill in the lower part of the pot at the highest point can drill a few holes to the fish to provide oxygen can be ~