Plastic Drinks Bottled Drinks Should Not Be Heated

- Aug 12, 2020-

Winter has come. With the sudden decrease of outdoor temperature, some outdoor beverage stalls have an extra electric rice cooker. Vendors put all kinds of bottled drinks into it for heating and selling, which is very popular with customers.

For several consecutive days, the reporter visited some beverage stalls in Shijiazhuang street and found that there were heated drinks sold at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Jianshe street and Jianbei street. In order to keep the drinks in the pot warm, after the electric rice cooker heated the water in the pot, the stall owner did not immediately cut off the power, but kept it in a heat preservation state. A stall owner said that heated and room temperature are the same price, but customers generally like to choose the heated one.

"The reason why I buy a heated drink is because I have a bad stomach. I can warm my stomach and my hands as well." Ms. Yang, who has just chosen a bottle of heated milk tea, said that the vendors were very considerate. It was so cold that they would still like to buy some hot ones.

In this regard, relevant experts said that the number "1" in the triangle at the bottom of plastic bottles such as mineral water, milk tea, carbonated drinks and other plastic bottles on the market represents pet. The plastic bottles marked with "1" can withstand high temperature at about 65 ℃. It is safe to use at low temperature and is not suitable for reverse heating. If heated or even boiled, pet will release a toxic substance DEHP when heated, which will harm people Good health.