Plastic Mug Cleaning And Disinfection

- Oct 10, 2017-

Make water cup heat resistant material has pc, as, PP. TRITAN, Ecozen. PCs are banned in bottles and some European and American space Cup industries. As too crisp, Plastic Mug pp cost-effective, environmental protection, transparency and feel bad. TRITAN and Ecozen currently do not have domestic manufacturers in domestic market, are export orders, is also environmentally friendly, do not contain BPA, transparency and touch and PC, high prices, Plastic Mug daily use of PP can, or with glass.

The cups made from eucalyptus materials are fully recyclable and used for making wood or waste paper. After testing, the cup is placed on the soil after three months of time can be completely decomposed, which means that even if the paper is filled with the glass will not cause white pollution. British café chains are actively testing the use of the cups to see how they behave, and if they do, Plastic Mug it is hoped that the environmentally friendly disposable wood cup will become a new standard for the industry, according to Sky News.

"Plastic cups have the most trouble. "Plastic cups into boiling water or acid, alkaline high drink, the pigment in the lead and other toxic heavy metals can easily dissolve in the liquid, people drink the liquid with chemical substances, will be harmful to the liver and kidneys." Plastic Mug A lot of plastic add plasticizer, contain some poisonous chemical substances, with plastic cups of water, poisonous substances easily diluted into the water, so in the purchase of plastic cups, must choose to meet national standards of edible grade plastic water cups.

Don't think of choosing a glass, Plastic Mug because he has a good appearance, in fact, in all materials, only glass to drink water is the healthiest, first glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink water with glass, do not worry about some bad chemicals in the stomach, Plastic Mug And glass is relatively easy to clean, so drinking water selection glass is the healthiest and safest.

Although the surface of the plastic cup looks very smooth and flat, Plastic Mug but in fact, there are a lot of gaps, more easy to hide some bacteria dirt, sitting in the office of the person, for cleaning the cup is a simple rinse with water for a long time, Plastic Mug the past, the glass can not be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, inside the garbage bacteria will remain more.

Usually the raw material is high borosilicate glass, after more than 600 degrees of high temperature fired. Buy Glass Water cup should choose the surface smooth, Plastic Mug no impurities, no bubbles, no odor, bottle body without tilt. Glass does not contain chemicals, so drinking water with a glass is the safest, 5 star recommended.